An Old Doll Named Robert

I’m starting my blog with a very creepy and very true story. Not so long ago in a suburban house in Florida, a young boy named Robert Otto was unfortunate enough to receive a present from the family maid, a doll, something most view as innocent and simple. However, this family immediately fired the maid after she was caught using black magic in their household. The now unemployed maid took it upon herself to punish the family for discarding her, by placing a curse upon the doll and leaving it with the Otto family.

Robert was quick to form a close bond with this doll, it shared quite a large resemblance with him. It was about 3 ft. tall with deep black button eyes. He was so in love with the doll that he decided to call it by his own name, Robert. In the weeks that followed the doll never left his side, a large mistake on his behalf.

Soon after, the doll started displaying signs of unusual behaviour, doing things that were thought to be impossible or suspicious. The family would leave for a day and return to find the Robert doll in different positions than the way that they left him. On some days, the doll would be found in whole new areas in Roberts room and would have seemingly climbed onto the bed or a chair. On many occasions, Robert would wake up and find his own doll sat in a chair, staring lifelessly at him from across the room.

Later on, the Otto’s would hear loud bangs and find smashed furniture and paintings in rooms that nobody had been in. Screams and eerie giggles would echo through the hallways. On multiple occasions Robert would be heard screaming in his room and come running down the stairs covered in deep cuts and bruises, claiming his doll had attacked him. Whenever the family went on a holiday or day out, neighbours would claim to see the Robert doll walking from window to window, or staring directly towards them as they passed by.

These supernatural occurrences got more and more frequent as time went on, slowly becoming worse and worse, driving the family insane. Robert soon had enough and decided to be called Gene (his middle name). He did this in the hope that he would no longer share a connection with the Robert Doll. As time went on, Roberts behaviour worsened. Throughout the rest of his time at the house, Robert made Gene’s life a living hell. Gene began desperately asking family and friends to help him and, in doing so, discovered a way to escape Robert forever. His great aunt recommended that Robert should be locked away somewhere deep in the house; Gene decided to take her advice and lock him in a box and leave him in an attic for decades. The family eventually moved away and lived out a happy life.

After Gene’s dad passed away, he decided to return to his childhood home,

He decided to live in the Victorian mansion with is new wife. Gene had become an artist and felt the house was spacious and would provide a place for him to paint. He went to the attic and dusted off his childhood toy. He became attached to the doll despite his wife’s displeasure. Gene would take the doll along with them everywhere they went. He even sat in his favourite little chair while Gene and his wife slept nearby. The Turret Room became Robert’s domain after Miss Otto moved him back to the attic. Their marriage slowly became sour until Miss Otto supposedly went insane and died of unknown reasons. Gene followed soon behind.

Robert supposedly attacked people, sometimes locking them in the attic. People who passed by claimed to hear evil laughter coming from the Turret Room. For some time, Robert remained in the empty house by himself until a new family purchased the mansion and restored it. The doll was once again moved to the attic. This pleased it as much as the last time. The doll was often found throughout the house. On one certain night, Robert was found at the foot of the owner’s bed giggling with a kitchen knife in hand. This was enough to send them fleeing from the home.

Robert was later moved to the East Martello Museum in Key West where he sits perched in a glass box. Despite his new living quarters, the doll is believed to not have given up his menacing ways. Visitors and employees claim they have seen the doll move. His smile has been known to turn into a scowl. One employee cleaned Robert, turned off all the lights and left for the night. The next day, they returned to find lights turned on, Robert sitting in a different position than the night before and a fresh layer of dust on his shoes. Some say he’ll even curse you. If you want to take a picture of him, you must ask politely. He’ll tilt his head in permission. However, if he doesn’t and you take the picture anyways, a curse will befall upon you and anyone who accompanied you to the museum. The same will happen if you make fun of him.


I honestly couldn’t find anything fake or contradictory in this story. If I’m being completely honest, the first time I read this (or heard it) I wasn’t too sure about it, the whole time I was thinking ‘how could any of this be proven’, And then, of course, i find out that the doll exists!

Honestly, I  find the fact that the doll is trapped at a museum almost as creepy as the story. I mean seriously, it got annoyed at being locked in an attic, so you decide to lock it in a glass box in a public place.

And also, I wouldn’t even try to take pictures with it. I mean, what were they thinking, “on the one hand I might be haunted by a demonic doll, on the other hand, sweet selfie”………….Idiots.

Honestly, though, the moment my toy starts staring at me when I’m trying to get some sleep, not just because it’s creepy because I love to sleep. I’m joking, but honestly, I would leave that house instantly. I don’t really understand why Gene waited until adulthood to leave, and even when he did he came back….. With his family!

Quick theory; the moment Gene rediscovered the doll, he instantly fell back in love with it, the same way as before. Maybe the doll does this on purpose, as a way to trap the owner into a life of misery.

On a serious note, I honestly like this story and hope to visit the doll myself one day (not to take a picture) and I hope you did too.



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