The story of Kuchisake-Onna is mainly addressed as an urban legend based in suburban Japan and has the potential to shock you to your core! I personally have known this story for quite a while and it as stayed wth me this whole time, and I’m not sure why.

The time the story takes place in is heavily disputed, but commonly thought to be sometime in the 16 or 17 hundred’s (the Edo period). This specific period in Japan was when the samurai was common and respected, like noble soldiers. A samurai came home one night to discover that his wife had been unfaithful to him. In a fit of rage, the soldier apparently mutilated her face in horrific ways. He carved a permanent smile onto her face, slicing from ear to ear.



a depiction of the woman’s face.


Stories say that this woman returns as a vengeful spirit who returns to the world of the living to inflict pain on all. But specifically small children.

Over the past century, there have been countless sightings of a woman wearing a red cloth or mask over her lower face harassing or abducting small children in countries such as Korea, Japan and China. It is reported and believed that this woman will approach a small child with her face covered – usually by a red velvet mask or scarf – and ask the child if they think that she is pretty. If the child says yes she will reveal her real face and ask once again if they think that she is pretty. If the child screams or has any sort of exaction then she will abduct them and slice their face from ear to ear, exactly like her own face. If the child remains calm once she reveals herself, she will still follow them home and slaughter them that night.

There has recently been a film created in homage to this story, but it is Japanese unfortunately, and I could not find a dubbed version online, therefore I could not watch it. The film is called ‘ Carved ‘ and was made in 2007.

Although I personally like this story, I can’t help but be suspicious of it. The only real evidence that this story is true is the reported sightings of the ‘slit mouth woman’, which could easily have bee faked. I am almost certain that in this day and age, in a technologically advanced country like Japan, that someone would have videoed or photographed it in some way; But as far as I could tell, there is no legitimate footage online…… yet.

Another thing that didn’t make much sense to me is how a small child is supposed to have completely no reaction. I’m not a small child, and there is no way that I wouldn’t react to a woman missing her cheeks that just happens to want to kill me. Apparently people have tried to throw food or toys at the woman in attempt to escape her, but never to have worked, which is honestly the smartest thing to do 8n my mind.

Anyway, that’s all I really have to say about this particular story. Sorry that this was a short post, but it is a short story.  I will most likely update it soon though.

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Thanks for reading!



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