The Wessex Way Monster.

The Wessex way monster is a relatively small phenomenon, but a quite fascinating one too.

Theories about this so called ‘monster’ started to form when a CCTV video was discovered and luckily for us, uploaded to the internet.

See the Video: Wessex Way “monster’ analysed (HD) creepy footage!! 

I was thoroughly surprised when I found this video and realised how close to me it is. I spend a large amount of my time looking for creepy videos or stories and then all of a sudden I discover that a monster has been seen on CCTV only a short distance from me. More specifically, this video was taken on the A338 motorway (highway) passing through Wessex. This road passes through about 23 miles of woodland area, with no other joining roads. But this video shows that it’s not just a normal woods, but that something much worse may be hidden inside.

The video:

In the video, we are instantly shown a vacant piece of road with no oncoming cars. But after a few seconds, a van appears from off-camera and drives away in the far lane. Once this van is about 3 quatres across the screen a large, four-legged creature springs out of the bushes. The creature runs across the road at an incredible speed, before jumping over the central barrier and narrowly missing a passing car. All before disappearing back into the undergrowth.


Firstly, I want to say that I believe that this video is 100% real. If this video was faked then it was done extremely well. The first thing I noticed whilst looking at this video was the shadows. Every shadow seems to match perfectly and change realistically throughout the video. For example,  when this creature is on the far side of the light. the shadow leads in the opposite direction (as it should). And once the creature passes to the other side of the light, the shadow changes to the correct position. Shadows are a very easy way of determining whether or not a video is faked because they are very hard to perfect but very easy to see.


Although this video seems real, I can’t help but think that this mysterious creature is most likely some kind of dog or animal. I personally think that this looks almost identical to a Greyhound dog, which is quite common in the area that this video was captured. This was probably a stray or loose dog that ran across the road. The video quality also isn’t the best, more scary meaning that the image could have been warped (not to mention how blurred the video is) to make scarier than it actually was.

Related imageImage result for greyhound


Greyhounds are also specially bred for racing, meaning that one could probably outrun a car going at a fairly low speed.

In recent years there have also been stories on Greyhounds that have been running away from home after their racing careers end. This means that there are Greyhounds all over England that are entirely unaccounted for.

Overall, I completely believe in the legitimacy of this video, and would even go as far as to say that people living in the surrounding area need to stay cautious of unidentified animals lurking in woodland areas. But I think that this creature is probably just a dog (most likely a Greyhound) that has wondered away from home and nearly been hit by a few cars.

Despite this, People should still be aware, because this video may just prove that there are more than just deer and mice in the undergrowth of the Wessex Woods.


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